Şanlıoğlu forest products in 1978, in Umraniye, founded by Hilmi Şanlıoğlu. A short time later the son of Hilmi Şanlıoğlu transferred Hamdi Şanlıoğlu’na flag. Orm Şanlıoğlu operating in the neighborhood until 2000 Umraniye lighter. Products of the busiest parts of the sector after 2000 has continued its activities Dudullu.

Kastamonu Integrated, Stars Chipboard and MDF, Starwood Forest Products, Teverpan MDF, Gentaş Industry and Stars integrated as the forest products industry is a trademark of the factories have also Çamsan dealership, roma, orange has held a wide range of products using materials such firms.

Since it was established with the attitude of uncompromising quality to our valuable customers the best product to offer the service in line with the principle of Şanlıoğlu Forest Products will continue after this.

Furniture, kitchen and bath industry for forest products and a wide color range of benefits offered to the consumer price Şanlıoğlu Dudullu Forest products are still the best and wants to work our valued-customer expects quality.